Headmasters of OPASS

Mr. K. Adwedaa, B.Sc.

September 1961 to September 1963

Mr. S. T. Ampofo B.A. (Hons)

September 1963 to October 1976

Mr. E. Twum-Danso B.A.

1976 to 1977

The pioneer head was Mr. K. Adwedaa B. Sc. ( September 1961- 1963). By the end of the period of rule in 1963, he had succeeded in establishing the key structures for administrative and academic work.Three student Houses had been founded for boys while all the girls belonged to one house- named Dokua House. The staff number had increased from 4 to 11 and the entire student population had risen to 170. The first Senior Prefect, Oduro Kwarteng, was appointed during the period.

In September 1963, the school welcomed its second headmaster. He was Mr. S. T. Ampofo B. A. (Hons), who ended his thirteen-year rule in October 1976. Mr. Ampofo's period witnessed the growth of infrastructural facilities in the school. All the major buildings on the campus were provided through his efforts. Besides, the construction of the main streets and layouts go to his credit. His greatest achievement was in the field of games and sports.

By 1976, when he left office, OPASS had reached the apogee of her greatness in sports and had become a force to reckon within the region, if not the nation as a whole. His energetic Sportsmaters, the late Mr. R. S. Yeboah (Popularly Known as MOBUTU ) and Mr. W. E. Amoah worked tirelessly in achieving this great feat. Mr. S. T. Ampofo also had other equally devoted teachers to work with. They included Mr. E. A. Aninfeng (Art), Mr. S. K . 0. Larbi (Agric), Mr. K. Oppong Antwi (English and History), Mr. Mark Asiedu (Mathematics), Mr. K. Antwi -Dako (B. K) and Mr. W. A. S. Amoyaw (Music), who composed the school anthem, " OPASS OUR ALMA MATER "on January 10 th, 1970.

After Mr. S. T. Ampofo, his Assistant Headmaster, Mr. E. Twum-Danso B. A. (Legon) took over as the Acting Headmaster from 1976 to 1977. More staff bungalows, started during the Ampofo era, were completed, furnished and handed over during this time. A notable innovation was the creation by Mr.Twum-Danso of the post of the Dining Hall Master to help ease the burden of the Senior House Master. Mr. Osei Adjei, then the youngest teacher on the staff, was appointed as the first Dining Hall Master of the School.

Between September, 1977 and September, 199 the school had its fourth Headmaster in the person of Mr. G. A. Gyimah B.A. (Legon). The arrival of Mr. Gyimah witnessed the establishment of a high standard of iron discipline. He was a disciplinarian of the highest degree and infused it in all facets of school life. Students, teachers and all ancillary workers were kept on their toes for 14 long years. By the end of his rule in September 1991, OPASS had carved a good and beautiful image as, perhaps, the most disciplined school in the region.

In September 1991, the fifth Headmaster, Mr. K. Amo Dako B. A. Ed; Dip. Ed. (Leeds) arrived. He proved to be an enlightened ruler, trying to fill the gap left in between the Ampofo and Gyimah regimes.

Mr. Amo-Dako's period saw several development projects. They include the setting up of two well-equipped computer centers making OPASS one of the high Tech. Schools in the country. The computer centers were set up through the assistance of Mr. E. Appiah-Korang, chairman of the Board of governors. Also established during the Amo-Dako era were a bakery, a corn mill, a cold store, a K.V.I. P Toilet for boys and a biogas plant for the girls. His period witnessed the renovation and re-painting of the dormitory, classroom and science blocks as well as the block housing the school administration. There was the expansion of the Dining Hall to accommodate more boarders. An extension was made to the Girls Dormitory to cater for one House of about 200 students. Besides, Mr. Amo-Dako succeeded in purchasing three vehicles for the school; a Mercedez Benz 33 seater Bus, a Hyundai Truck and a Hyundai Mini Bus. Perhaps, the greatest of his development projects was the successful sinking and mechanizing of two boreholes to solve, permanently, the acute perennial water problem in the school. With this achievement, the school now has no water problem, as water runs through the pipes and taps day and night.

The current headmaster .......

OPASS has been blessed, since 1961, with very enterprising and effective administrators, a fact envied by neighbouring institutions.

Mr. G. A. Gyimah B.A.

September 1977 to September 1991

Mr. K. Amo Dako B.A. Ed; Dip. Ed.

September 1991