School Anthem


1. Hail to thee our dear OPASS,
Our alma mater
Sons and daughters of OPASS,
Sing your praises loud.


Onward, onward we OPASSIANS,
Sing aloud your praises.
Hail to thee our GREAT OPASS,
Our alma mater.

2. In our work and play as well,
Wherever we may be
We will follow your motto:
"Think and Serve".

3. Praise to all whose help has made thee,
What you are today.
We under your banner now,
Must defend your name.

4. God bless this school make her
A great institution of learning.
Make OPASSIANS useful to
Thee and all mankind.

Composed By: W.A.S. AMOYAW (L.R.S.M., L.T.C.L.)

(10th JANUARY, 1970)