OPASS Crest and Motto

The School Crest:

The School Crest was designed using the leopard and other items:

  • The leopard signifies strength and intelligence.
  • A torch, which shows light and brightness on the path to victory.
  • A Cutlass that represents the farming community of Akim Abuakwa.
  • A tree signifying the rainforest of Akyem Abuakwa which provides fertile land for the production of timber and cocoa, the backbone of Ghana's economy.

The School Motto:

The School motto: "Dwen na Som" has the following interpretations: -

  • Serve with a thoughtful mind.The School Crest
  • Be ready and willing to serve yourself, your school, family, nation and the world at large.
  • While serving,think and take proper decisions, and
  • Be very active in all situations and in all your endeavours